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As a nonprofit CDFI, The Housing Fund supports partner financial institutions throughout Tennessee by deploying capital for underserved borrowers and communities, and by helping traditional lenders meet their requirements under the Community Reinvestment Act.

What’s a CDFI? Opportunity often starts with access to capital through loans. Since 1973, Community Development Financial Institutions have worked for economic, social, and racial justice. With roots in the civil rights and anti-poverty movements, CDFIs can trace their origins to local credit unions and banks that sprang up nationwide to address predatory or exclusionary lending practices like redlining. Unlike traditional banks, CDFIs are federally regulated to ensure their lending is focused on under-resourced individuals, organizations, communities and businesses, while also offering financial services and educational resources to help build economic potential and generational wealth.

The Housing Fund is a revolving-loan CDFI providing fair, responsible lending products to individuals and communities that the mainstream financial sector traditionally has not reached. Where conventional lenders see risk, a CDFI like THF will see opportunity.

Thank you to The Housing Fund’s partners and investors for their commitment to building and preserving affordable housing throughout Tennessee. This support is deeply appreciated.

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Our investors are generating competitive returns while enabling a more inclusive Tennessee economy.

Lenders interested in partnering with The Housing Fund to meet Community Reinvestment Act requirements, reach out to our President and CEO Marshall Crawford:

A Lasting Impact

Lenders, governments, nonprofits, developers and others partner with us to help drive positive change in the realm of affordable housing, healthy neighborhoods, and equitable economic development. 

Since 1996, THF has assisted over 4,400 first-time homebuyers to receive more than $37 million in down-payment assistance loans, as well as provided more than $89 million in financing to assist over 3,200 individuals and organizations for the purchase, rehabilitation, or construction of homes for limited-income families.

The Housing Fund can help your organization to meet its strategic goals around inclusive finance and economic empowerment for people and community.

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Investing in a CDFI like THF is an effective way to support economic inclusion and economic justice, and reduce the wealth gap.

Since 1996, The Housing Fund has been committed to equitable economic development in communities throughout Tennessee, and making housing affordable for limited-income people. Guided by our founding mission, we continue to respond to social and systemic challenges and advocate for sustainable, inclusive growth and safe, healthy neighborhoods for all.