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A Message From Our CEO Marshall Crawford

Dollars in Lending

Development Mission

The development of affordable housing is a key facet of The Housing Fund’s community development efforts. We have assisted in the creation or preservation of affordable housing ranging from supervised apartments for special needs populations, to transitional housing and single family homes for homeownership.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Financing is available to non-profit and for-profit developers acquiring and building or rehab projects ranging from a single-family detached home to multi-family homebuyer and rental developments with hundreds of units.


The Housing Fund’s Development Loan Program provides financing to non-profit and for-profit developers for mixed use and other non-residential projects that contribute to the development of low and moderate income (LMI) neighborhoods.  We have partnered with charter schools, day care centers, fashion design studios, and retail businesses.

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We’re here to help your ideas become reality. The Loan Review Process will provide you with a clear understanding of how we will make your idea a reality.

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