Vision and Impact

The Housing Fund deploys assets that create access to quality affordable housing.


Innovation for Equitable Impact

The Housing Fund continues to make substantial strides in our commitment to fostering inclusive growth and community impact throughout Tennessee.

In our most recent Fiscal Year, THF’s dedication to driving positive change in the realm of affordable housing and economic empowerment has led to over $9.7 million in new investment—which translates into 300 loans, $12 million in capital deployed, and $97.6 million leveraged from our lending partnersthus supporting the dreams and ambitions of numerous aspiring consumers and developers.

We have also facilitated a significant increase in lending to underserved populations and African-American developers—a meaningful step toward equitable opportunities and empowerment within the real-estate and financial sectors.

2024-2027 Strategic Framework

The Housing Fund’s three-year strategic framework builds upon our success and features a renewed and expanded focus on:

The Housing Fund 2023 Impact Report

Despite challenging externalities in real-estate and financial markets, THF surpassed FY 2023 financial targets and made substantial strides in inclusive growth and community impact.