Community Land Trust

A policy tool to help limited-income Nashvillians access the dream of homeownership and build intergenerational wealth.


What is a CLT?

Community Land Trusts (CLT) are nonprofit, community-based organizations or programs that offer affordable housing to those who need it. CLTs own land, and houses are then built on that land. The CLT then leases the land and sells you the house, making you a homeowner. The goal of a Community Land Trust is to give more families the opportunity to own homes and enable lower-income households to build wealth.

Created in partnership with the Metropolitan Housing Trust Fund Commission, the goal of The Housing Fund’s CLT is to build permanent, affordable housing for low-and moderate-income families in the Nashville area. The program’s focus is to serve as a permanent steward of a community’s land, and any residential or commercial buildings located on this land. Retaining ownership of the land allows the CLT to preserve the housing’s long-term affordability and protect against foreclosure.

How Do I Qualify?

Eligible homebuyers for a Community Land Trust property located in Nashville-Davidson County must: 

To learn more about THF’s Community Land Trust program, please contact CED Director Alisha Haddock at 615-515-2206 (phone) or (email).

How CLTs Make Homebuying More Affordable

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How Do I Apply?

To apply for The Housing Fund’s Community Land Trust program for homeownership in Nashville-Davidson County, you must:


Additional Resources

For more information, please refer to our Community Land Trust Homebuyer Informational Guide.

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