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About The Housing Fund

The Housing Fund provides resources and creative leadership to help individuals and communities create and maintain affordable and healthy places in which low- and moderate-income people live.


Nashville-area residents faced unprecedented challenges in 2020, including tornado recovery, job loss, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and tax increases. The Housing Resiliency Fund Landlord Property Tax Relief Program is an extension of The Housing Resiliency Fund, created to help preserve homeownership for hundreds of homeowners facing housing insecurity, and focused on Landlord Property Tax Relief for Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) and affordable units receiving subsidy.

Program Goal

To make a greater impact in preservation and creation of affordable housing in Nashville/Davidson County, The Housing Fund expanded the property tax relief program to nonprofit organizations and small landlords of naturally occurring affordable housing units and subsidized rental properties to protect our current affordable housing stock and potentially grow it, even acting as an incentive to current landlords to keep units affordable.

Program Function

The Housing Resiliency Fund Landlord Property Tax Relief Program will help pay for increases to small landlords’ and nonprofit organizations existing property tax bills. The fund will operate as a grant and will not require participants to pay back any funds received. Fund payment will begin in the 2021 tax year. The program is currently designed to provide support for one (1) year for qualified small landlords and nonprofit organizations or the availability of funding.

Funding Source

As part of its mission to help preserve affordable housing, Amazon provided The Housing Fund with a generous donation as an extension of The Housing Resiliency Fund program.

Application Period

Application for the program will be on a rolling basis.


Rental Income

Small landlords’ and nonprofit organizations must provide naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) or subsidized rental housing within the HUD Fair Market Rent Guidelines to participate. Please reference the HUD Fair Market Rent Table.


Landlords must own rental properties in Davidson County.


Participants must have owned rental properties prior to January 1, 2021.


Final FY 2022 & Final FY 2021 FMRs By Unit Bedrooms
Year Efficiency One-Bedroom Two-Bedroom Three-Bedroom Four-Bedroom
FY 2022 FMR $1,079 $1,100 $1,253 $1,587 $1,975
FY 2021 FMR $998 $1,031 $1,197 $1,539 $1,930

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