Income Guidelines

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) | The Housing Fund is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) in Madison TN 37115

Area Median Incomes By Tennessee County

The Housing Fund’s lending and community-impact programs adhere to the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development’s Income guidelines for Area Median Incomes or AMIs (currently for 2024).

Requirements by Product

The Housing Fund’s Down Payment Assistance and Shared Equity lending programs serve homebuyers earning up to 120% of an Area Median Income, while the Nashville-based Community Land Trust program only serves populations earning 80% of AMI and below.

County AMI Tables

The Housing Fund’s home-loan programs adhere to income-eligibility guidelines under three tiers for Area Median Income (AMI) percentages by Tennessee county: Tier 1 is 80% of AMI; Tier 2 is 100% of AMI; and Tier 3 is 120% of AMI.

Below are the U.S. HUD Income Guidelines for the 2024 year, updated as of April 2024. If you do not see your Tennessee county of residence listed, the last link titled “All Other Counties” will have this information.

Nashville-Davidson MSA

Chattanooga - Hamilton County

Knoxville - Knox County

Clarksville - Montgomery County

Memphis - Shelby County

Our Affordable Homebuyer Programs

Homeownership is closer than you think. The Housing Fund offers three different programs for those ready to take the next step toward buying a home: Down Payment Assistance, Shared Equity Homeownership, and a Community Land Trust (for Nashville-Davidson).