The Community Land Trust


Community Land Trusts (CLT) are non-profit, community-based organizations or programs that offer affordable housing to those who need it. CLTs own land and houses are built on that land. The CLT then leases the land and sells you the house, making you a homeowner. The goal of the Community Land Trust is to give more families the opportunity to own homes and enable lower-income households to build wealth.

The goal of The Housing Fund’s CLT is to build permanent, affordable housing for low- and moderate- income families in the greater Nashville area. The program’s focus is to serve as the permanent place for a community’s land and as the permanent steward for any residential or commercial buildings that are located on its land. Keeping ownership of the land allows the CLT to preserve the housing’s affordability and protect against foreclosure.

How to Apply

There are a few steps you need to complete in order to be considered to purchase the home on the Community Land Trust. 

  1. Submit a complete application for the CLT program and meet the income eligibility requirements
  2. Submit a pre-approval letter from a THF approved lender
  3. Attend a CLT informational meeting within the last year
  4. Complete an online financial counseling session through eHome America
  5. Attend a homebuyer education workshop


Check out our Homebuyer Education Guide below for more information!

Community Land Trust Properties

Homeownership is Attainable in Nashville

By: Holly Bowman June 1, 2022 The Housing Fund has sold its second Community Land Trust home. The new homeowner, Jawharrah, embodies the population that The Housing Fund set out to reach through this program. She was not always in a place where homeownership could be...