Mary Green

Nashville Restoration Project

After years of being out of the family’s possession, Mrs. Green was able to acquire her family’s home. Mrs. Green and her husband had been working to restore their home’s condition, but the property’s restoration had come to a halt due medical issues and financial constraints. “I had some repairs that needed to be done, and I didn’t know how I would do it,” said Mrs. Green. “I contacted The Housing Fund, a week or two later they called me back and a week after that they came out. They did everything that they said that they would do.”

Mr. and Mrs. Green are extremely grateful for the provisions provided by the Housing Fund that allowed them to complete their home’s restoration, “The young men were so nice, and Maria was so awesome. They have done a fabulous job. I just want to say thank you Housing Fund and God bless you for what you do for the community.” The Green Family says that the restorations that they received for their property also positively reflects on their community as a whole.

Just a six-minute drive from downtown Nashville, the Green’s Scovel Street residence epitomizes the crux of the gentrification crises targeting the Pearl Cohn community. North Nashville has historically been overlooked in terms of investment and revitalization despite neighboring some of the city’s most developed boroughs; creating gaps between residents’ access to capital, financial commitments, and ability to maintain homeownership. These gaps create opportunities for redevelopment efforts that prioritize profit at the expense of longtime residents and community members.

A generous donation allowed The Housing Fund to create the 37208 Community Grant to support neighbors in the Pearl Cohn community in restoring and maintaining ownership of their homes. We know the best way to make a lasting impact is to help one person at a time. We are elated that we were able to support Mr. and Mrs. Green in restoring their home’s condition and we are dedicated to continuing our service to the community.

If you have questions on the options available to you to preserve homeownership, please call us at 615-780-7000.

A leak in the roof led to a hole in the ceiling and damage along the wall. The damage to the wall and ceiling were repaired.

There was damage in both of bedrooms from a previous leak. The ceilings in both rooms was repaired. The damaged ceilings are on the left, and the pictures on the right show the repairs.

Wall damage in the bathroom was also repaired and painted.

Unlevel flooring created a tripping hazard. The flooring was made level to remove the hazard.