Prominent Nonprofits Join to Address Nashville’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Prominent Nonprofits Join to Address Nashville’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Ten established organizations create Alliance for an Affordable Nashville  to ensure housing in the city is accessible

NASHVILLE, TENN. – A prominent coalition of longstanding Nashville-centric affordable housing and community development nonprofits have united to form the Alliance for an Affordable Nashville and infuse coordinated, strategic and intentional efforts in working with city leaders, financial institutions and developers to address the city’s complex and growing housing crisis.

As Nashville’s home and rent prices skyrocket, the Alliance for an Affordable Nashville will collaborate to pioneer solutions using its members’ immense experience and expertise built on a foundation of established successes. As nonprofits, they provide housing opportunities that others will not or cannot by choosing people over profit and remaining accountable to their organization’s mission. The Alliance members will maintain their own nonprofit status and project pipelines but also collaborate on large-scale strategy and opportunities that require broader resources. The founding nonprofit Alliance for an Affordable Nashville members are:

  • Affordable Housing Resources, Inc.
  • Be a Helping Hand
  • Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville
  • The Housing Fund
  • New Level CDC
  • Pathway Lending
  • Project Return
  • Rebuilding Together Nashville
  • Urban Housing Solutions
  • Woodbine Community Organization

For decades, the Alliance members have worked in the trenches to create more than 14,000 affordable housing units in Nashville and shared mutual respect. Through coordinated, strategic and intentional efforts, the Alliance for an Affordable Nashville creates a collective of formidable housing advocates shaped by those who know Nashville best and can partner effectively to create rental and home ownership opportunities for residents who otherwise can no longer afford adequate housing in the city.

“With over 200 cumulative years of experience serving Nashville citizens, we are confident that our joint efforts can help solve our community’s growing affordable housing crisis,” the Alliance for an Affordable Nashville said. “Individually, we have served over 50,000 families with our various services and together we will increase that number tenfold. We believe that affordable housing is at the core of an equitable, thriving city and look forward to increasing affordable housing accessibility for all of Nashville’s hard-working citizens.”

According to national data, the city’s current affordable housing situation is untenable. Based on a 2021 report from the Mayor’s Affordable Housing Task Force, the current production of affordable housing needs to increase four times to meet forecasted demand by 2030. The Alliance possesses the scale and strength to reduce this dramatic deficit and take control of Nashville’s affordable housing market.

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About the Alliance for an Affordable Nashville

The Alliance for an Affordable Nashville’s purpose is to give a greater voice to all who need or produce affordable housing in our city. Working together with public and private stakeholders, we seek to educate our city about this issue, empower all non-profit providers and stakeholders to produce more affordable housing, and engage with our city by advocating for long-term policies and projects to bolster and upgrade Nashville’s ability to produce an increasing supply of affordable housing.