A New Strategic Vision for The Housing Fund


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On December 5th, 2017, we announced a new 5-year strategic vision. Our CEO, Marshall Crawford, presented his views on the need for A New Conversation as it relates to affordable housing in Nashville.

In this plan, we have outlined 4 key areas of focus:

  • Capitalization Strategy
  • Being a Leader in Affordable Housing
  • Key Strategic Partnerships
  • Innovation and Creating Relevant Loan Products

Click here to download the presentation.

Capitalization Strategy

Identify diverse sources of funding and negotiate access to below market-rate capital.

Expand social investing models to attract institutions and impact investors.

Utilize current assets to leverage capital and structure financing to generate new sources of capital.

A Leader In Affordable Housing

Staff and Board to actively engage with civic, government, community-based private sector partners and stakeholders

Facilitate discussions among public, housing, and community development sector

Participate in working groups, task forces, advisory boards; contribute to academic and industry-related publications

Key Strategic Partnerships

Broaden our networks and build bridges across disciplines, geographies, and institutions

Create and strengthen partnerships and tools to increase greater access to products and services

Outreach to new audiences and under-served communities

Innovation And Creation Of Relevant Loan Products

Identify new financing products and/or expand existing products and services

Be flexible to respond to market gaps, and leverage competitive advantages in our core lending products

Ensure lending to good projects with strong partnerships to improve individuals and communities

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