Information for Lenders

The Housing Fund’s loan program helps you close more loans, and get more people into homes. For many potential homebuyers, the large sum of money required for a down payment or closing costs is the single greatest barrier preventing them from buying a home. Often times, these potential buyers have sound credit and can afford monthly mortgage payments; they simply cannot save up the money required for a down payment.   That’s where The Housing Fund’s Downpayment Program can help.

Steps to Settlement

  • Lenders must fill out a Request for THF Loan Approval  form and the Underwriting Checklist 
  • Note:   Borrower must go through Homebuyer Education before closing.  To find an educator near you, Click Here.
  • Borrower must complete the THF Borrower Application.  This can be completed at The Housing Fund or the First Mortgage Lender’s Office.
  • The Housing Fund cannot begin underwriting until we have received both a completed Borrower Application and a Lender Loan package.
  • The Housing Fund will contact the lender regarding the borrower’s status.

Contact Us with any questions--

Request for THF Loan Approval

Underwriting Checklist

THF Borrower Application

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